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  • D. K. Soman

    Astronomy and Almanac Scholar

    D K Soman is a leading and eminent almanac and Astronomy scholar born 21st May 1942 in Konkan region of Maharashtra and is currently based in Thane. He has been preparing Almanac calendars for the last five decades and has been associated with “Sainirnay Almanac Calendar” from its initiation.
    80 years of age but still follows his routine of waking up at 4:30 am and working on the almanac. Whenever there is a difference of opinion in regards to any decision of a festival and celebration date or time among the almanac scholars, his opinion is sought on that matter.

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    तृप्त करणारी रसोई

    Our Writer Chef

    Chef Vishnu Manohar

    Around 2015/16 there weren’t as many videos about cooking as there are now on YouTube and other social media platforms. Foodies were dependent on cookery books and there was quite a demand for these books. Giving in to the demand Images decided to publish some cookbooks with tips and recipes from renowned chefs. Our executive editor Maneesha Soman suggested we come up with dedicated editions for each category. So we had Printed different addition for Chappati & Parantha, Rice, Breakfast, Vegetables only, Chicken, Eggs, Dals & Curries & many more.

    Along with daily household recipes shared by homemakers, signature and fusion recipes by illustrious chefs like Aarti Nijapkar, Vivek Tamhane, Prasad Kulkarni, and Tushar Deshmukh were included in these cookery books. Vishnu Manohar the renowned chef agreed to give his name as the editor for these editions. Traditional, lost, regional, international as many recipes as we could acquire were included in these cookbooks. To date, the Breakfast, Gujrati special, and Maharashtrachi Khadya Yatra editions are very much in demand and some readers have saved them in their collection of books as well.

    Chef Tushar Deshmukh

    He has been associated with the food industry for more than a decade now. His restaurant Flavour’s at Dadar has been serving some delicious delicacies to food lovers of Mumbai. His broadly based recipes were a rage on the SAAM TV channel’s cookery show ‘Sugran” and he has graced a couple of live shows also.

    Chef Vivek Tamhane

    The master of spices has worked in international kitchens of numerous countries of this world for the past three decades. Known for experimenting with spices of the world his experiments with the ready-to-cook range have won many hearts.

    Chef Prasad Kulkarni

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